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The connected devices at our promotional stand

Published 11.03.2016
Better PR

The connected devices at our promotional stand We know creating a remarkable future needs todays kickoff, so at this years largest meet up of developers in the region – Webcamp ( - we want to demonstrate how our Better Platform™ will take its future place on the market. Visitors are invited to come and stop at our HealthyPoint booth stand to check their vital signs through an array of selected medical devices such as blood pressure meter, blood oxidation meter and weight scale. Vital signs data will be sent into iPad and stored in our cloud based instance of Better Platform™. Therefrom, visitors will receive a personalized email, with their HealthyPoint vital signs results, already compared with an average data of preceding visitors. All visitors’ identity data will be separated from their health data and thrown away for good.

The message we want to give to participants is that as unlikely as it seems, most health data in the world still isn't stored in a format that would allow a straightforward and vendor independent use and exchange of health data. There are proprietary formats, siloed data and never-ending integrations between application all of which can be avoided by relying on a standardized, medically proven health data standard. In our case this is openEHR, governed by the openEHR foundation. We strongly believe that when most health data will become connected, better care will be unleashed, medication errors will be prevented and cooperation between the patient and his physician will be improved. Ultimately connected health data is and will be making our lives better and safer.

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