Transforming Slovenia's eHealth system:
a bold leap into the future

Slovenia is embarking on a comprehensive eHealth system upgrade project that promises to revolutionise how healthcare information is accessed, managed, and utilised.

Slovenia’s national eHealth system has played a crucial role in modernising healthcare practices and improving patient care. However, as the system evolved over the years, it has become apparent that several limitations hinder its full potential. With the upgrades, the system now enables further innovation, data sharing, and improved patient care, and Slovenia can address emerging healthcare challenges to deliver more efficient, accessible, and patient-centred care for all.

Read the white paper by our Better Platform Commercial Director Samo Drnovšek, where he explores the evolution of Slovenia’s eHealth system, its challenges, and the details of the recent upgrades: FHIR for demographic data, standardised data layer, contextual launch, and much more.

Read the whitepaper