InfoBANCO: revolutionising the use of health data for clinical decision-making, research, and planning

The InfoBANCO project, a pioneer in the use of openEHR in Spain, has set a new precedent in digital healthcare in Spain and Europe. It is a testament to the transformative power of harmonising data with open and neutral formats, moving from an application-centred to a new person-centred paradigm and lifelong longitudinal health data.

InfoBANCO has allowed the harmonisation of health data in the Community of Madrid, starting with the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre and Primary Care of Madrid, and it’s vision is to transform the governance and use of health data by building an advanced digital health platform that improves clinical decision-making, research, innovation, and management processes.

This case study examines the design, implementation, impact, and future projections of InfoBANCO in the Madrid, Spanish, and European context. It also illustrates the power of modelling and storing health data with full semantics to extract maximum value from it.

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