Better in ESG

“V podjetju Better, d.o.o. se zavedamo pomembnosti odnosa do okolja ter s tem povezane učinkovite rabe virov ter zmanjšanja količine odpadkov. Prizadevanja vodstva podjetja in vseh zaposlenih so usmerjena v nenehno izboljševanje, varovanje naravnih virov našega planeta ter uresničevanju naših okoljskih ciljev.”

Roland Petek, Chief Operating Officer

How is Better contributing to sustainability?

Better cares about sustainability and contributes to it in two ways.

First, we’re reducing our direct impact on the environment by using energy efficiently and properly managing waste. These small steps can make a big difference in creating a better future for our children. We apply these practices at home and at work.

Secondly, our products have an indirect impact on the environment, which is just as important. While we may not leave a large environmental footprint like some manufacturing companies, we have the potential to make a positive impact through our customers. We measure our indirect impact by the direct impact of our end-users.

How do Better products reflect our ESG strategy?

At Better, we believe that our products should reflect our commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and good governance. We strive to follow practices which enhance energy and resource efficiency.

But we don’t just care about sustainability – we also care about giving control back to our users. Our open and vendor-neutral approach means that patients and clinicians can own their data, control their own systems, and build upon what we’ve created. It’s all part of our commitment to transparency, user empowerment, and social responsibility.

All this is at the very core of our products, and the impact of ESG can be seen in the following areas:

Promoting sustainability and social responsibility
We enable the usage of open standards and open data, and reduce environmental impact of proprietary systems.
Improving healthcare efficiency and medication safety
We are reducing waste by streamlining and standardising medical records, data management and tracking medication usage.
Reducing paper usage and energy consumption
With our products we are contributing to a reduction of errors in patient care.
Enabling telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
This can reduce the need for in-person visits and the associated transportation emissions.
Improving communication between healthcare providers and patients
This leads to better coordination of care, and potentially reducing the need for unnecessary medication and treatment.
Enabling the rapid development and deployment of digital health solutions
The latter can potentially reduce the time and resources required for development and testing.
Facilitating the integration and interoperability
Facilitating the integration and interoperability of different digital health solutions, potentially reducing duplication, and improving the efficiency of the healthcare systems.
Helping to prevent errors and overprescribing
We may reduce the need for unnecessary medications and the associated environmental impact of their production and disposal.


ISO 14001 sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. Obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate from the SIQ certification body is a major milestone, as it affirms our dedication to excellence in environmental management and sustainability.

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