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We understand the complexities of digital transformation in healthcare and know how to simplify it. Our digital health platform approach offers an architecture that is based on a single data repository, an inventory of applications and APIs, and low-code tools needed to assemble content quickly and seamlessly.

Play a crucial role in transforming healthcare organisations, and provide them with solutions that help them do their work better.


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Rapidly develop, adapt, and launch digital health solutions.
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Ensure you follow compliance rules and protect data within the GDPR scope.
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Work with an award winning medication management solution.

Build whole ecosystems of healthcare solutions

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Medication management application

Better Meds is designed to improve collaboration between care teams when prescribing and administering medication and enhance patient safety. Easy to embed into the systems hospitals are already using.

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The digital health platform that simplifies integrations

Better Platform enables an ecosystem of multi-vendor applications, where clinical data is stored independently. Implement it gradually on existing hospital IT systems.

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