No more duplication
with structured data in one place

Transform your existing systems, create your own content and make sure care teams spend less time seeking information and more time delivering better care.

Data first approach is key

Better provides healthcare organizations with secure, highly flexible solutions that give you control over data by removing dependence on vendors. Build your fully connected digital ecosystem, without discarding the solutions you currently use, and develop forms and applications on your own with our low-code tools.

Build an ecosystem of healthcare solutions

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Medication management improved

Optimise the way you prescribe, manage and administer medications with an award-winning solution, Better Meds. Designed for more efficient collaboration of care teams, streamlined workflows and greater patient safety.

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Your foundation:
a modular digital healthcare

Assemble your own multi-vendor digital environment. Adapt systems to your needs and resources. Offer care teams intuitive, personalised, and efficient applications that allow them to do their jobs better.

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How innovative healthcare organisations are transforming for the Better

Musgrove park hospital Better
Build your own content
Improved patient oversight after deployment of digital nursing forms

Forms developed in Better Studio:

  • are easy to configure and change
  • give an accurate and complete patient assessment
  • are accessible from any device via a portal
  • remove data duplication and enable re-use of data
NHS Somerset with Better solutions
“The forms give a better overview of what’s taking place at the wards.”

Victoria Parsons, Digital project manager at the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Better Pediatricna klinika Ljubljana
Digitalize your clinical processes
A 30% more efficient workflow

Better digital health platform:

  • provides a structured and standards-based clinical data repository 
  • centrally stores data and makes it available through a single clinical portal, saving time for care teams
“We improved safety, minimized errors and increased transparency of medical treatment. Communication within medical teams has also improved as they all have instant access to relevant medical information.”

Rajko Kenda, Former Medical Director of Ljubljana Children’s Hospital

The Christie partners with Better
Modernize your electronic health record
Unlocking the power of data with a new data platform

Better Platform enables hospitals like Christie to:

  • separate data from applications
  • unify data into a single record
  • structure storage of clinical data for research, innovation, and AI purposes
The ability to innovate at pace and easily integrate locally and regionally will ensure we stay at the forefront of specialist cancer treatment and research.

Eileen Jessop, Chief Information Officer, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Wye Valley and Better Care
Say goodbye to paper
In just 9 months Better Meds was live across 95% of the Trust

The Better Meds solution:

  • is user-friendly and has the ability to integrate with existing workflow and technologies 
  • gives an integrated view of a patient’s medication history
  • prevents and reduces incidents with a robust audit trail and safety error alerts in real-time 
Better at Maudsley NHS
Prevent medication errors
Nearly 2 million patients get safer medication treatment

Better Meds helps:

  • optimise treatment decisions by making patient medication history more accessible
  • improve prescribing accuracy and legibility
  • reduce missed or late doses
  • prevent patients from receiving the wrong drugs.

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