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Medrock week Vol.2

Published 04.08.2017
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Between 29th of July and 4th of August 2017, Marand along with EESTEC LC Ljubljana hosted the second edition of Medrock Week – an advanced eHealth workshop.

The event was attended by 30 domestic and international students of computer science, medicine, biomedical engineering, design and math. Eager minds from all over Europe; Slovenia, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina came together for a week of learning and creative thinking at Marand in a search for the next big solution to front-line healthcare challenges.

Participants formed 5 interdisciplinary teams of 6; each team tackled the challenges in the field of Iot, Chatbots and safe communication, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Participants received a week of mentoring from our top employees and interesting lecture content from special guest lecturers – Anna Dubovik from the City of Moscow eHealth project, Dr. Gregor Poglajen from the UKC Radiology department and Andraž Logar from 3fs.

After a week of intense team working, the teams pitched the business side of their projects to our panel of judges who evaluated their progress and the feasibility of their solutions. Best idea of the week came from team Warn A Doc, who took a dive into the IoT world and created a remote healthcare monitoring and warning system with which they caused an impressive buzz on social media and won the digital marketing challenge as well as the overall best Medrock Week hack. Team Medichained explored the area of blockchain and won 2nd place with their medical blockchain solution for smart ePrescribing. Medycorn tapped into the field of machine learning using the latest technology to solve blood supply emergencies and taking 3rd place. All 5 teams, including Doxtour and Pillow of Stories, did an amazing job, combining their pre-existing knowledge with newly gained skills and taking an open-minded approach in utilising our Think!EHR Platform for the implementation of promising eHealth solutions.

EESTEC LC Ljubljana team took care of rocking afternoons packed with fun activities which further helped strengthen the team spirit and allowed the participants to relax after a day of hacking. We ended the week in a true Medrock style; with a BBQ, well deserved cold beer and a live concert where we danced our feet off to the rhythm of up to 11 rock music.

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