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Better won a Red Dot design award for Pathfinder

Published 27.08.2019
Better PR

Red Dot is one of the most recognizable and prominent awards for outstanding design worldwide. This year's winners, which were selected from 8,697 international entries, include Better's Pathfinder, which was recognised in the Interface & User Experience Design in Health Solutions category. First deployed at the Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Center at the University Medical Center, Ljubljana, Pathfinder is used by top clinical experts to manage and remotely monitor patients who have undergone a heart transplant.

Pathfinder is a simple but powerful application that gives clinical teams the ability to coordinate the care of chronic patients through every stage of treatment. It achieves that by automatically generating tasks based on the care plan for a specific patient and alerting clinicians of deviations in vital signs recorded remotely by patients at home.

The simplicity and clarity of how we present complex clinical information are, in my opinion, not only the most essential feature of the product but also the main attribute to have convinced the jury to give the award to Pathfinder, commented Tina V. Vavpotič, Pathfinder Product Manager.

Pathfinder is the result of a great collaboration of the skilful team of analysts and developers with exceptional technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector and Better’s experienced design team. By presenting care teams with only the necessary information about the patients at just the right time and suggesting relevant actions, Pathfinder addresses a major problem in healthcare today: electronic health records take up to 50% of physicians’ time.

Designing for healthcare is very hard. Misalignment will result in user rejection and fatigue, which in worst-case scenarios results in often untracked and undocumented patient harm and substantial financial loss for hospitals, emphasized Samo Ačko, Head of Design at Better.

Pathfinder’s design team: Samo Ačko, Tadej Maligoj, Rok Benedik, Rok Pregelj, Barbara Hiti, Gregor Fras, Sai Pan, Ajda Bevc, Jernej Tratnik.

Pathfinder team: Tina V. Vavpotič, Miha Lenič, Vanessa Pereira, Mira Ražman, Miklavž Muster, Edo Pavlič, Matjaž Cvetko, Albin Jordan, Tomaž Kenda, Boštjan Vester, Uroš Hekić, Klavdij Lapajne, Andrej Dolenc, Alexei Drake, Tomaž Štrus, Leon Dobnik, Marcel Šalej. 

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