The power of openEHR
with Rachel Dunscombe and Tomaž Gornik

The future of digital healthcare must be open. Join Rachel Dunscombe and Tomaž Gornik as they discuss why openEHR is the best standard for data persistence, how it enables the separation of data from applications, facilitating seamless interoperability and future-proofing data strategies, using clinical data to predict outcomes and enhance patient care. They will also touch upon the stand-out cases of OneLondon and Sweden, showcasing the transformative potential openEHR has on a global scale.

Technical dive into openEHR

openEHR offers a revolutionary approach to healthcare data management. Join us for a deep dive into the technical capabilities of openEHR with Ian McNicoll, the Director of the openEHR Foundation Board. He explains the unique approach of openEHR to data management, and why it fundamentally transforms the traditional federated approach to data. He paints a future where every ICB has an openEHR Clinical Data Repository (CDR), unlocking the great value of data and enabling collaboration across different healthcare systems.