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About Better Meds

Better Meds is an award-winning electronic prescribing and medication management solution, implemented in more than 10 NHS Trusts, designed to improve and simplify the way healthcare organisations handle medication processes.
It brings efficiency, transparency, and decision support to healthcare professionals.

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saved per year from pharmacists no longer having to look for charts

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saved per week from doctors not having to transcribe medicines in discharge letters

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A better experience for everyone

Better Meds saves time, reduces errors, and provides both better care for patients as well as a user-friendly experience for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

Choose Better Meds for these key advantages

Active user community

Meet a vibrant community of healthcare professionals at least once per year for collaboration and best practice sharing.  

Continuous updates

Two updates per year with new functionalities to keep your organisation ahead. 

Better user experience (UX)

In designing an intuitive interface and streamlined workflows, we collaborate with doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.  

Efficient implementation

A proven track record of successful deployments – four new NHS deployments in five months, including two go-lives at two different trusts on the same day.   

Seamless integrations and APIs

Extensive integrations with key clinical systems, including pharmacy systems, ward cabinets, and oncology prescribing. The flexible APIs ensure smooth connectivity, allowing for enhanced collaboration. 

Excellent client services

Receive comprehensive support, training, and ongoing assistance that will ensure your success. 

Still concerned?

Smooth transition
Our experienced team ensures a flawless switch, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the implementation process, tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.
Seamless integration
Better Meds integrates with your existing systems, minimising disruption and facilitating the secure exchange of patient information.
Improved patient care
Experience improved medication processes, reduced errors, and enhanced patient safety with Better Meds' advanced features and decision support capabilities.

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“I actually didn't feel comfortable going with any other option than Better Meds. I've always said – and speaking to other pharmacists during the procurement process, we’ve all said it – that Better Meds makes you feel confident in what you can do on it, whereas other available products don’t.”

Lex Moon, Lead ePMA Pharmacist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

“I’ve found the system to be invaluable when completing audits and investigations; I’m able to see clearly what the medication was, who prescribed it, who stopped it and on what date, without having to distinguish the writing or signature. It’s much safer and enables a clear audit trail.”

Sharon Handley, Ward Sister, Wye Valley NHS Trust

“Better Meds is probably the most intuitive ePMA system I’ve ever worked with. In fact, it’s the most clinician-friendly system I’ve seen.””

Nicci Wilson, ePMA Programme Manager, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

“We had a robust team behind the scenes supporting back-end development and floor walkers at the front end supporting our frontline staff. We hadn’t had that model in any of our development deployments before and it was really transformational.”

Barbara Arroyo, Interim CCIO, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Join the company of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who chose Better Meds!

Why? To optimise your medication management, improve patient safety, and enable efficient workflows.

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