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We are happy to share that EY recently published a paper on how, by building the right data infrastructure, you can optimise the work of medical teams, improve the safety of patients, and bring care closer to home. This is yet another confirmation that we are on the right track.

Better shares a similar vision for the future of healthcare management. Ours revolves around what we call the postmodern EHR. Read our thoughts on digital health. Join the conversation. Be part of the change we need.


Make it fluid and store it in one place. 

How to address issues in healthcare due to the vast amounts of data generated and the fragmentation of health data.

Be ahead of the curve. 

Learn more about concepts like a clinical data repository, interoperability, shared patient pathways, and an all-connected ecosystem of applications that fits your needs.

Let the data do its work. 

Get to know the postmodern approach to electronic health records, and how it is enabling health data persistence, extensibility, modularity, and true interoperability.

Enjoy numerous tangible benefits. 

Allow medical teams to make more informed decisions that lead to integrated care, and to be cost-effective while doing it.

How to create a data-driven digital health ecosystem that will work for you in the long run?
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EY is a global leader in advisory services, helping companies reimagine their industries and solve their biggest challenges.

Find the original paper here.

How to create a data-driven digital health ecosystem that will work for you in the long run?

See the solutions that can provide you with everything you need to start the change today.

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