The EHR journey of EHA Clinics

Building 80 use cases in 12 months using
a Digital Health Platform

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Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar and join the journey of EHA Clinics, a leading primary healthcare service provider in Nigeria.

Discover how in only 12 months, a small team of 3 has built an EHR that is now being used in 5 EHA Clinics branches and their Community Health programme by 200 clinical personnel, covering 35.000 patients.

Adam Thompson, CEO of EHA Clinics, and George Ohia, Product Manager at EHA Clinics, shared their innovative approaches with Jovan Pavićević, International Markets Director at Better.

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  • how EHA Clinics developed reusable content packages for cross-application sharing,
  • how an interoperable platform can be customised to a customer’s own requirements,
  • how can they use standardised datasets and clinical guidelines and apply those to various clinical settings.

Discover the EHR journey of EHA Clinics in Nigeria!

Learn how they built an EHR with 80+ clinical use cases in just 12 months and gain insights on reusable content packages and customising interoperable platforms.

About the speakers

Adam Thompson - The EHR journey of EHA Clinics
Adam Thompson
Chief Executive Officer,

EHA Clinics

Adam is an Information Systems Analyst specialising in social sector organisations. He is dedicated to utilising information and communication technology tools to drive human development, foster social inclusion, empower small enterprises, and uplift marginalised groups. He also has a strong passion for teaching and has successfully educated children, young adults, and working professionals.

George Ohia - The EHR journey of EHA Clinics
George Ohia
Senior Software Engineer,

EHA Clinics

George is a passionate software engineer with over 10 years of experience developing web and mobile apps. His interest is Health Informatics and Enterprise application development, and he has vast experience building, deploying and supporting Enterprise software such as Odoo and Electronic medical record systems using openEHR and FHIR. He believes in the efficiency of Agile (Scrum) Methodology to deliver the highest value to stakeholders.

Jovan Pavićević - Better
Jovan Pavićević
International Markets Director,


With over 10 years of experience in international sales and product development, Jovan currently manages global market sales. His past experiences cover a variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, energy, and healthcare, selling both enterprise-grade products and turn-key solutions in the EMEA region. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Economics in Ljubljana.

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EHA Clinics developed an EHR using Better Platform in just 12 months

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The 12-month EHR journey of EHA Clinics

The case study presents the remarkable journey of EHA Clinics, a leading primary healthcare service provider in Nigeria.