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Medical Student: With Better Meds, I would be more confident when prescribing a medicine

Published 26.07.2019
Better PR
It is essential for us to share our vision and benefits of Better Meds with the younger generation who are much more adept to acquire new technological skills. A good month ago, we worked with the Medical Students Society of Maribor on the project called "Digitalisation of Health is Your Future".  
The one-day event at the Faculty of Medicine consisted of two parts. First, the students listened to Roko Malkoč, a product manager of Better Meds, who shared his experience with implementing the system in the UK. The second speaker was Dr Gorazd Kalan, former director of the paediatric intensive care unit at EMRAM 6 stage University Children's Hospital Ljubljana, who presented his case studies and explained based on real-life cases where the Better Meds application would help doctors the most. 
In the second part, the students tested the Better Meds application. It started with an online course where they were able to familiarise themselves with the Better Meds application and prepare for the practical test that followed. The test consisted of prescribing medicines independently based on the scenario that was prepared for them. At the end, the students formed groups for a challenge that followed. Each group received a real-life scenario of a patient and their diagnosis. They had to decide and prescribe the medicine they felt was the most appropriate in the given situation. Dr Kalan reviewed the results with the students and was impressed with the results. 
Considering the number of people that attended the project, the event has proven that the younger generation has a lot of interest in learning new systems. Their feedback was very positive; they were delighted with the newly gained knowledge and showed their interest to be part of projects in this field. We are highly motivated by the excitement and drive of the younger generation, and based on the success of this project, we have decided to continue with such projects. We have already agreed on the next activity, which will take place in the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, and we will also cooperate with two universities in the UK.

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