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Slovenian e-health services among the best in the EU also thanks to Better Platform

Published 23.07.2019
Better PR
According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which the European Commission has been monitoring since 2015 – in 2019, Slovenia ranks 16 of 28 EU Member states. It performed above the EU average in digital public services and ranked 14. Slovenia is particularly efficient in the provision of access to open data and e-health services: it ranks 6 of all EU member states in the use of e-health services, to which the Better Platform provides the central technological infrastructure.
As much as 27 per cent of Slovenians are using digital health and care services, whereas the EU average is 18 per cent. Finland, Estonia and Denmark ranked better than Slovenia, the UK follows Slovenia, and Germany, for example, had a much worse performance.

In Slovenia, the Better Platform is the central technological (infrastructural) solution for the Central patient data register (CRPP), which was established within the eZdravje (eHealth) project. Since its launch in February 2013, the register has now accumulated over 30 million records on individuals (discharge letters, outpatient test results, summary data – illnesses, vaccinations, allergies, surgical procedures, issued prescriptions).

Slovenia also ranks high in the area of electronic prescriptions, which are used by 98 per cent of Slovenian general practitioners, thus making Slovenia share third place in the EU with Denmark (the EU average is at 50 per cent, while Finland takes the top position). Slovenia scored a little lower in the digital exchange of medical data, ranking 15, whereas Denmark scored first. In Slovenia, 27 per cent of general practitioners are using the exchange, whereas the EU average is 43 per cent.
The biggest use case of Better Platform is the city of Moscow, storing clinical data from more than 500 primary care centres and more than 100 hospitals that cover the healthcare needs of the city’s 12 million citizens. Amongst others, Better Platform is also used by the 100,000 Genome information integration research project in the UK and Eurotransplant International Foundation. Currently, the Better Platform is being implemented in Malta, where its National Electronic Health Records (NEHR) will use the Platform to implement a mature, future-proof national EHR and care coordination platform for collecting and storing patient health data.

About Better by Marand

Better by Marand is one of Europe's leading IT providers for healthcare solutions and professional services, and is collaborating with a variety of clients in order to achieve one goal – to prepare for a better future. This is a future that moves towards open platforms and away from siloed solutions; a future where clinical teams can work with any digital solution provider, without being tied to a particular vendor; a future where, storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format will incite vendors to innovate and create better solutions.

The core technology solution, the Better Platform, is well-aligned with this vision and is based on openEHR specifications. The OPENeP by Better product (a closed-loop medication management system) is built on top of the Better Platform and follows the same vision. Better by Marand is currently present on three continents and in 16 international markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, and Slovenia.

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