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Marand rebranded to Better by Marand

Published 26.03.2019
Better PR
We wish to inform you that as Marand, we rebranded after 30 years' presence in the healthcare IT field with our solutions used in 15 countries across 3 continents. Our new name is Better by Marand and covers the following health IT products and software:
-          Think!EHR Platform, which is renamed as Better Platform,
-          OPENeP, which is renamed as OPENeP by Better, and
-          Pathfinder, which is renamed as Pathfinder by Better.
Why Better? Because we believe our innovative solutions enable healthcare providers to make the patients' outcomes better than ever. With the rebranding, our website address has changed as well; you can now find us at Our email addresses have also changed and now read e.
For any additional information or questions you might have, please write to Better PR Manager e

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