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Better CEO, Tomaž Gornik speaking at Open Platforms Seminar in Oslo

Published 12.09.2018
Better PR

The Nasjonal IKT, Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research and the Regional Health Authorities of Northern Norway, Central Norway and Western Norway are hosting an Open platforms Seminar that will take place on Thursday 13th of September 2018 in Oslo, Norway.

Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital Salford, Mike Jones, Research Director at Gartner Inc., Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Better by Marand, Birger Haarbrandt, Software architect, HIGHmed Project, and other speakers will present their experience and vision for open platforms. Speakers will be discussing the opportunities and challenges of the openEHR approach. They will also present international use cases, which prove that openEHR based solutions can be applied at any scale.

The openEHR approach is based on open standards and aims to transform health and social care by separating applications from clinical data. Such approach, which enables shared care records, is also known as the postmodern EHR. It has been recognized by Gartner Group in a recent research note, stating that truly effective and sustainable open architectures would need capacity for vendor-neutral data persistence, such as utilizing a common scheme or set of archetypes and rules for managing structured and unstructured data.

Tomaž Gornik, Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation and CEO at Better by Marand, will be speaking about the postmodern EHR and the need for interoperability. The key for healthcare providers is to set up an infrastructure that enables the development of an ecosystem of solutions around a centralized, vendor-neutral and structured clinical data repository. This way, all patient data can be stored centrally and independently of the applications that created it and will be available for the lifetime of patients regardless of applications that might be deployed in the future.

More information is accessible here.

Better by Marand’s vision for healthcare IT is coined as "Integrate. Open. Innovate." Better Platform™ is well aligned with this vision as it uses IHE-based standards to integrate existing devices, systems and data. By storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format it enables ecosystems of vendors to innovate. This approach is fuelling next-generation solutions known as the Postmodern EHR.

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