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Life at Better

Work hard. Have fun. Go home. But first, coffee. Or tea, we don't discriminate.
We believe in the equation: great coffee/tea = better code.

Then – work. Brainstorming, scrumming, testing, having fun, coding, designing, having another coffee/tea, canvassing, preparing lunch, having lunch, testing, having fun, coding, designing, thinking, planning. Home time.
You’ll work hard at Better, and we believe you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. But we also want you to put work aside at the end of the day. Family matters and our people matter and we know the importance of closing that office door to enjoy time with family and friends. To have hobbies. To rest.
That’s why we encourage our employees to leave the office by 17:00 at the latest. Sometimes, though, projects are just too exciting, and the team becomes like a second family.

Better Initiatives

To have better employees, we provide free coffee and tea, fresh fruit twice a week, birthday presents, a secure and free parking lot. And free fitness training. And a swimming pool. And gym passes. No, that’s not all, just some of the perks you get to feel better here.

The company is not only about the employees being and working better but also about the community where the company lives and works. We are strong supporters of charity events from the healthcare field, especially those benefiting children, and we proudly support all IT related events such as hackathons and business crowdsourcing competitions. We also support the Association of Slovenes Educated Abroad.

Perks & Benefits

We believe in personal and professional growth for each of our employees. That's why the world-class training you need to successfully solve the challenges you will face is a must. But just training would not go far without the latest software and hardware, so, yes, there’s that, too.

Do you want to change healthcare in ways that matter?