Frontend developer

Published 23.05.2019
Better PR

We are looking for a new member to join our ambitious young team. In this role, you will contribute to the development of an application for electronic medicine prescription in hospitals. First to be used in Slovenia and England, soon also in Australia and New Zealand.

What you will learn (if you're not already a guru):
Angular and Typescript, SCSS and CSS, Angular powered Bootstrap, Material CDK, HTML5 & DOM API 

We use the following tools:
GitLab, TeamCity CI, Upsource (code review), JIRA and OKR

What we expect
At least three years of programming experience, of which two years working in Typescript and Angular 4+

What we offer
- Work on an interesting product ( in the company Better by Marand ( for the international market 
- A positive, well-coordinated team.
- Full-time employment for an indefinite period
- Training and conference attendance
- Flexible working hours (work from home, etc.)
- Paid overtime

Location: Ljubljana – Vič


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