Urgent Care Plan: From zero to live in seven months

Better’s shared care planning solution for London’s new Urgent Care Plan

The Urgent Care Plan is a dynamic integrated care plan solution that enables every Londoner to have their care, and support wishes digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the capital.

  • The solution shares real-time data across primary, secondary, and community health care settings and geographies across the region whilst enabling the relevant technical capability to provide interoperability with the existing health and care IT systems. This ensures that patients’ wishes are followed at all times and truly met at the time of need.
  • OneLondon is a partnership of five Integrated Care Systems across London, working together with citizens to transform London’s health and care services by joining up information to support fast, effective, and safe care.
“Our vision is to deliver joined-up health and care to our population. We are very excited to see the transformational opportunities that the technology brings to continually improve the care we provide in London.”

Gary McAllister, CTO, OneLondon

Learn about the technology that was needed to launch the new London Urgent Care Plan in just seven months.

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What is the Urgent Care Plan for London?

The Urgent Care Plan is a conversation between a healthcare professional and the citizen in their care, where the professional will listen, understand, and make notes on their care and support wishes such as what is essential in day-to-day life, care preferences, information about personal contacts involved, and urgent care key information such as diagnosis, prognosis, symptom management.

It is a platform that serves the entire London region and ensures that care is tailored to personal needs and delivered as close to home as possible. It supports a collaborative and data-first approach to improving technology, information governance, and how health and care services are provided and experienced across London.

The Urgent Care Plan brings together multiple electronic patient records, personal health records, or electronic palliative care coordination systems in standardised data fields and is accessible to all urgent care services. It is based on the openEHR standard that enables information and data sharing.

It enables integration with Acute and Community service Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) and Personal Health Records, as well as interoperability with existing systems and workflows in order for health and care professionals to be able to deliver efficient, timely, patient-centred care.

The plan offers a single template for data entry with the ability to customise the format of the care plan, and the flexibility to design and edit care planning templates, including the underlying data fields.

How Better supported OneLondon

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In order to deliver the Urgent Care Plan, Better had to support the following:

  • Migration of all existing care plan data.

  • Standalone and in context launch of the solution in the GP systems (EMIS, EMIS Community, TPP, SystmOne), emergency care Adastra, Cleric, acute system Cerner.

  • Optimised structure and behaviour of the care plan: custom forms with studio, care planning application within Portal.

  • Data integration with GP system SNOMED codes.

  • Print & care plan PDF generation.

  • Clinical governance and data modelling in designing the EoL care plan form.

  • Communication, training, and engagement materials.

Key functionalities of the Urgent Care Plan

Improved accessibility
Users accessing the UCP via interoperable electronic patient Records do not need separate log-in credentials.

Reduced duplication
Care plans can be pre-populated with relevant information from the patient’s GP record. Specified SNOMED codes can be written back to GP records.

Template development
The technology underpinning the Urgent Care Plan enables multiple care plan templates to be created. In the future, it will be possible to support a greater variety of clinical pathways, including, but not limited to end-of-life.

Benefits of the Urgent Care Plan

data in real-time across various health care settings and geographies in the region.
records across the region, centred around the patient.
structure, behaviour, and content of the care plan.
the use with a single sign-on approach that integrates into existing applications.
a single source of up-to-date information that can be shared between multiple providers.
shared care plans for a variety of clinical pathways, including, but not limited to, end-of-life care.

About Better

At Better, we are transforming healthcare organisations with our market-leading, open-data platform. We put organisations in control of their data, workflows, and transformation plans in order to improve patient care.

We build personalised digital applications that fit into the lives of professionals and believe that combining great design with secure data-sharing is the future of health care. The Better Platform already securely supports over thirty million patients in sixteen markets.
We fully embrace the open culture and the international openEHR standard that enables health technology companies to create collaborative ecosystems which truly meet the rapidly evolving needs of patients and clinicians.

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