The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is the largest single site cancer centre in Europe treating more than 60,000 patients a year. Due to its pioneering treatments for cancer, it is the first UK centre to be accredited as a comprehensive cancer centre.
  • The Christie is adopting a platform-based approach and moving to a data-centric model with openEHR at the core.
  • Better’s low-code tools, an integral part of Better Digital Health Platform, are used to support the modernisation of The Christie’s Electronic Health Record and the transformation of clinical, patient, and cancer research services.
  • The Christie also selected Better Meds, an electronic prescribing and medicines administrations (ePMA) solution. It will facilitate a seamless embedded user interface with clinical staff able to access the medications from within the EHR.
The Christie’s strategy involves modernising systems from a previous siloed-state where data is locked within applications to a data archetype model which facilitates a patient-centric approach.

Facts about The Christie

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Benefits of the solution

Better providing healthcare solution

Data unlocked and structured in an open format, unifying data into a single patient-centric record.

Data accessible in real time for internal and external use, including research.

Data saved in one place, once, and reused.

Low-code tools environment.

Internally developed forms, no dependence on vendors.

Forms viewed on any device – mobile first approach.

Forms, templates, and technology shared with other care providers.

Benefits in practice (HER2 rollout)
  • 66% of time taken to conduct telephone review saved
  • 28% of total review time saved
  • approx. 90% of patients no longer require a formal appointment
Implementation of the solution:
  • 39 ePROMs forms
  • Active in 54 outpatient clinics
  • Active in 25 longitudinal projects
  • 156 scenarios active in total
  • 32.000+ completed forms
“Better’s openEHR platform and low-code tools are helping us modernise our EHR and refining how we collect data with high quality, high user experience and high security. The use of open storage standards will support integration with regional and national partners as more data streams are connected.”

Alistair Reid-Pearson, Chief Information Officer, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

“The Christie has completely reimagined their architecture — moving from a siloed app-centric model to a new data-centric one, with openEHR at the core. What they are doing is genuinely phenomenal and has blown me away and I could not be more proud that they chose Better to be their partner in establishing an interoperable system with data at the core.”

Alastair Allen, Chief Technology Officer

“When we reflected on the nature of The Christie and applied that to the electronic health record, we concluded that data is important, and capturing that data in an accurate, high-quality way that is within our sovereignty and control, is important.”

Phil Bottomley, Founder & Director, Avenue3

“So not only we save clinical time, 90 percent of patients no longer have to travel back and forwards to The Christie. We’re only actually seeing 10% of these patients at The Christie.”

Adam Ansell, Product Lead, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

About Better

Better is a technology company that provides an open data digital health platform, designed to store, manage, query, retrieve, and exchange structured electronic health records, Better Platform, and electronic prescribing and medication administration solution, Better Meds.

We focus on simplifying the work of health and care teams. We build personalised digital applications and accelerate digitalisation by using low-code development tools. We advocate for data for life and strive for all health data to be vendor-neutral and easily accessible.

We put organisations in control of their data, workflows, and transformation plans in order to improve patient care.

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