Application-centric and data-centric interoperability

Published January 25, 2019
Tomaž Gornik

In this vlog we went over this topics;

  • Mandating the use of clinical data models developed by healthcare domain experts.
  • Preventing vendor lock-in to reduce the risk when developing new healthcare solutions.
  • Enabling incremental procurement adapted to the needs and resources.
  • Committing providers to base their products and services on the same specifications.
  • Technically compatible components enabling the best-of-breed approach.

Writen by Tomaž Gornik
Co-founder of Marand, director and experienced manager of teams building world-class software products for more than 20 years. Proven track record delivering innovaBve turn-key soluBons for large clients in telecommunicaBons, finance and healthcare. Always challenging teams to build betterer software using state-of-the-art technology, architectures and processes. Good understanding of software plaGorms, architecture, deployment and business models. Most passionate about Open Health Data and open APIs. Co-chair of openEHR FoundaBon Management Board. Speaks at conferences including TeleManagement Forum, HIMSS, Health 2.0 and Mobile World Congress.

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