Better solutions for Regional Meds

Create a single
source of truth for
patient medication

Better’s Regional Meds consolidates medication information from different care settings into a single coherent patient record.

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Centralise medication data
from all care settings within your region

By combining information from acute care, primary care, mental health, community and social care, Better Regional Meds provides a single point of reference for all medication data. It enables well-informed clinical decisions at the point of care including accurate and seamless medication reconciliation.

Reduce the burden on clinicians with easy access to clear and tailored data

In contrast to viewing long, flat medication lists seen in traditional shared care records systems, Better Regional Meds' advanced data interpretation provides instant and comprehensive clinical information at the point of care, including medication timelines.

Better Regional Meds - Easy access to clear and tailored data

Make your complex data easy to read

Better Platform's low-code tools enable you to use and adjust the predefined aggregated medication data views, as well as creating your own. 

Better Regional Meds - Make your complex data easy to read

Share data with other interoperable systems

Other systems can access the enriched data using open interoperable standards such as FHIR and openEHR. This enables clinicians to use the data within their native workflows, such as for seamless medicines reconciliation.

Better Regional Meds - Share data with other interoperable systems

Use data to identify medication trends within your population 

Better Regional Meds supports advanced analytics for population level medication records. It helps care systems identify cohorts of patients for risk stratification as well as monitoring trends and prescribing habits.

Better Regional Meds - Identify medication trends

More features at a glance

Highly flexible
Easily embeds into existing clinical systems.
Future proof
Rapidly adopts new national standards and innovations.
Truly independent
Separate vendor-neutral clinical data layer from front-end applications.
Open and neutral
Based on open standards: HL7 FHIR, openEHR, SNOMED CT.
Accelerating innovation
Utilise low-code and no-code tools to build applications that suit your needs.
Improved interoperability
Features the dm+d drug dictionary.
On-premise or in-cloud
Scalable and deployable, locally or in the cloud.

We work with partners to smoothly integrate into your ecosystem

Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership contract Better for regional medicines record platform

Better has won a contract to support Lancashire and South Cumbria Health and Care Partnership deliver a regional medicines record via the Better openEHR platform and Better Meds software that will serve a population of 1.8 million people.

“Adopting a more unified approach, utilizing open data standards, will mean our patients will have a better experience and safer, more effective care.”

Andrew Thompson, Acting Digital Health Lead and CTO, Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership

Collaborative medication management

Enhance patient safety through an efficient and transparent electronic prescribing and medication administration solution.

Electronic prescribing and medication management

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